THe HPV Vaccine

THe HPV Vaccine

What is HPV?

The most commonly sexually transmitted virus in America is HPV.With 40 types of the disease and with 20 million people who have the disease, the disease is a major issue in America. 6.2 million people contract the disease each year through sexual contact.

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A large number of these types of HPV do not have any symptoms and can disappear after a small period of time. The main reason it has a high profile in the medical world, apart from the numbers who have got HPV, is the fact that woman who have contracted the disease can then go on to get cervical cancer. Of the 10,000 woman in the USA who get cervical cancer 3,700 will die from the cancer, making it the 2nd biggest cause of cancer related deaths in the world.

There is an association with other less common cancers, but HPV is well known for causing genital warts and warts in respiratory tract like in the throat. More than 50% of men and woman have has HPV at some point in their lives. Unfortunately no cure is available for the disease but the symptoms can be treated.

The HPV Vaccine.

The vaccine protects individuals from the four main types of HPV. These four types are the two types most likely to cause cervical cancer at a rate of 7 out of 10 cases developing into cancer. The two others types are the two most likely to cause genital warts at a rate of 9 out of 10 causing warts in those getting HPV, preventing a great number of cancer cases and warts.

Who should get HPV vaccine

Due to the impressive results, there has been a tremendous drive to increase the use of the vaccine in children starting at a young age. It has been recommended for girls at ages 11 and 12 and in some instances girls as young as 9 have got the vaccine.

The HPV4 vaccine, given to girls , can e given to boys n three doses from ages 9-26 years of age.

Girls will get the vaccine before boys. The main reason for this is to vaccinate before the girls’ first sexual contact, before having HPV. Vaccinating early will prevent close to 100% of all medical issues relating to contracting HPV.

While the USA have been educating and vaccinating for HPV in both girls and boys Britain lags behind by only vaccinating girls. Recently there was a call to vaccinate all boys aged 9 in Britain helping to prevent HPV warts in boys.

If you have already got HPV vaccine may not be for you. You can go to your certified dermatologist for treatment for warts and other related issues.

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