The Dangers of UV light and Age Spots

The Dangers of UV light and Age Spots

We love to the summer and relaxing on a hot summer’s day on the beach or just out and about. We know, when we got to the beach to put sunscreen on but just relaxing in the hot sun does not usually get us to put on cream. When it’s not summer and the sun is not particularly hot we most definitely won’t apply sun screen. There are a number of reasons why this may be a mistake. The benefits of the sun are quite well known and we all want the golden glow the skin gets when it’s exposed to the sun. We should also be aware of the damaging effects the sun can have on our skin.

The sunlight that we enjoy is made up of a number of elements one of which is the ultraviolet light. The vast majority of us will know the damaging effects of this light when we get sunburn. Some skin cancers can also be caused by irresponsible exposure to the sun. A far less damaging reaction to the UV light is liver spots or aging spots. It was once believed that the spots had a connection to the dysfunction of the liver but modern medicines have shown that is not the case. Aging spots occur as the skin gradually finds it hard to regenerate after extended period in the sun. Therefore only areas that have a chance to be uncovered in the sun will get these spots. So they are usually found on the face, hands, arms and back. You need to use sun screen all year round protecting the skin from the UV light that naturally occurs in the sunlight if its 30 degrees or minus 30 degrees. These spots are not dangerous but they appear to be similar to cancerous areas of the skin and many people prefer for them to be removed.

A dermatologist can assist you in removing these spots. There are a number treatments a dermatologist may use.

Bleaching Creams, Tretinoin, and Alpha-hydroxy Acids: can be prescribed to fade the spotted area. The treatment can take time to see positive effects but far less painful.

Cryosurgery: is a process uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the area and remove the unwanted skin.

Peeling: This treatment uses chemicals to remove the bothersome area.

Laser Surgery: using controlled and directed lasers on the area can effectively remove the spots after a few treatments.

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