Studies Shows Issue with Scars

Studies Shows Issue with Scars

Scars can be an uncomfortable addition to our bodies and if they are placed in a conspicuous place it doesn’t help matters. The physiological effects of scaring whatever the cause are well known, caused by memory of the origin of the scaring and awareness of the ugliness of the form on the skin. The physiological issues usually generate anger and embarrassment. Studies from England and South Africa have discovered some of physiological issues with scars.

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The Research

A survey in South Africa conducted through social media concluded that 40% of women are self conscious about the scars. Since the scars remained them of the accidents, crimes and car accidents the emotions elicited from these memories where of embarrassment and anxiety as well as fear and anger. While some like car accidents may have occurred because of a small mistake causing embarrassment and self blame and anger. The emotional feeling towards the cesarean was then past on to the way the patient related to the scars caused by the birth.

The physiological effects are at a heightened level when researchers and the studies dealt with people with visible scars and the associated suffering with dealing with the scars. Many experience low self esteem and embarrassment at their appearance. Those suffering from the scars feel tremendous pressure to cover up and protect themselves from being noticed and the scars pointed out in view of the general public. They will go to considerable lengths with scarves, gloves and bigger clothing that will reach the area to cover it. Going out in public is affected by ‘everyone is looking’ at the scaring and so they stay at home and socializing is limited to very specific occasions.

An interesting Twist

In a related study found that facial scars on men is considered an attractive sign of a rugged, able, active man and woman are attracted to those traits. This raises a different side to scaring while some perceive them as ugly and terrible other groups may like them.

Great Solutions

There are a number of solutions available to sooth and minimize the scaring. These will have a positive effect toward the physiological issues related with the scaring. A dermatologist can instruct a patient on an appropriate laser treatment both surgical and no surgical options. While these procedures will not remove the scaring completely the results are a great improvements o the scar area. There are a range of creams and other procedures that are medically proven to reduce the scar line and help the patient to manage the scaring.

As the effects of the procedure take effect and the visibility of the scaring is reduced. It will impact on the physiological effects that have troubled the sufferer for so long. Working with philologists and counselors can go a long way to dealing with the harm that the scaring has caused.

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