Restylane and Perlane the great advances

Restylane and Perlane the great advances

Restylane and Perlane are two products that are use to fill areas to improve volume in a specific location. They are both produced from hyaluronic acid and are made by Medicis.

They are actually quite similar but their differences are quite overriding that’s it is quite clear each product have very defined areas that they work well with and areas they would not appropriately treat.

One of the differences is that Perlane is cross linked to a far higher degree than Restylane. Cross linking is something has developed with fillers and is something to always to consider when choosing a filler.

Crosslinking is where the material has been developed in a way that the product can remain in the tissue area and continue to provide its benefits for a continued amount of time. Other fillers have the tendency to be absorbed by the tissue, requiring regular treatments. Crosslinking removed the immediate need for regular treatments. Restylane seems to last for about a year and Perlane, being cross linked in an improved way has an extra 6 months.

Perlane is a stiffer filler and is best when injected deep into the dermis. The stiffer material resists compression. Perlane is used in the nose and mouth.

For superficial wrinkles Restylane is used. The reason is that Restylane, though not as cross linked as Restylane as important qualities. It flows very nicely in a way that Perlane can not. Since it flows its perfect for lower eye lids the edge of the lips. Two much filler would be obvious after treatment. In a case Perlane was used the cosmetic effects would not be acceptable for a natural look. Restylane is a softer consistency that can be molded in a way that gets the best results.

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