Radiesse Brings Great Results

Radiesse Brings Great Results

Radiesse may be a new solution in injection fillers but with its new and effective system it is becoming greatly accepted as the latest injection on the market. Radiesse, once injected uses its calcium formation or calcium hydroxyapatite to create a structure within your skin. While this may sound strange it is key to its success. This structure promotes collagen development which then attaches to the calcium. The calcium gradually is absorbed by the kidneys and new injections are required to sustain the effects.
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The effects of Radiesse have been well publicized with some experiencing the effects as long as 2 years after the injections. While this is very exciting to many, most practitioners will suggest timing he affects from 9 months to a year after the injections and preparing for further injections around that time. If the effects do actually last longer you can postpone further treatment.

Radiesse comes in a range of sizes to help people buy the right amount for them. There is an option to add a local anesthetic called lidocaine to the Radiese solution which will reduce the discomfort of the injection but you should be aware of what you buying.

There are a few things you should be aware of. Firstly injecting Radiesse into your lips is a bad idea and any one telling you that it is ok should simply not be trusted with this procedure. When injected into the lips the chemical quickly causes lumps into the area which is not good and won’t reside and become smooth like other areas. You can expect irregular results immediately after the injections but in FDA approved areas, unlike the lips, the long term results will be pleasing and acceptable. There slight side effects apart from soreness and any firm feeling you get under skin is likely to subside after a few weeks as the Radiesse does its magic.

In general, Radiesse provides great filler for your skin and is very successful approach. It provides great results for upper and lower cheek areas, as well as softening deep nasolabial folds. Areas around the mouth and marrionnette lines on the chin and chin creases.

When you meet your doctor or dermatologist apart from identifying which areas you have treated, check what you’re getting and the size of your purchase. The purchase should have the option to include anesthetic for no extra charge. You also want to check they know how to apply Radiesse and have experience doing so. Other forms of anesthetic is a numbing cream that be applied to the area about 30 minutes before the treatment. You might want to request a BLT numbing cream that has particularly strong numbing properties which uses 3 types of topical anesthetics. You might prefer just putting some ice to areas immediately prior to the injection

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