Laser Treatments and Their Applications

Laser Treatments and Their Applications

We cannot remember the time when we did not have laser treatments. It seems that Laser treatments have revolutionized the way we treat issues with our body. A time where a risky procedure required an incision by a scalpel and healing caused scaring replacing the problematic area with unattractive scaring. Laser has simplified the process its ability to make small openings with powerful abilities to minimize infection. Laser, using intensified light has made it possible to correct and treat disease and issues never thought possible before laser. Since laser is both gentle in the way it treats the area but powerful when necessary has allowed eye corrective surgery to become possible and other surgeries have been improved with using laser with a far higher success rate. Its abilities are diverse particularly for dermatologists who can use them for a number of procedures. As the laser has improved an increasing numbers of procedures have been able to use laser and increase the procedure safety and the results in post op results.

Laser uses a different approach to heal areas. It uses light and generates heat to achieving its goal. Lasers heat works to kill germs is a bi-product of its successful implementation in surgical procedures that means the process is much safer. The scaring is reduced as well since there are no cuts. With a safer process lends to a shorter post op resting period. The use of this light at different frequencies and period on the skin allow for the range of applications using laser. You might feel more comfortable having a procedure with laser than undergoing traditional surgical procedures.

This article gives us the opportunity to discuss the range of laser procedures dermatologists perform.

Laser skin resurfacing changed the success of the procedure in general. Before laser the risks outweighed the benefits with the possibility of grave complication. Laser has the benefit of being on invasive so the risks of procedural complications have mostly been removed. Mild and moderate skin wrinkles can be treated very successfully now with short down time period, post procedure. High pulse laser can gently remove these wrinkles with startling results. The Laser is so gentle that neck, face and hands can be treated.

Laser can also deal with other signs of photo aging. Brown spots or age spots on the skin and broken capillaries are treated with broadband light to treat these signs of the skin aging. The doctor administers a low energy short pulsed laser. Erythema of rosacea, superficial telangiectasia, dyschromia, skin discoloration is examples of other skin imperfections connected to photo aging. The laser hates and eliminates these areas replacing the area with new younger skin.

Vascular & Pigmented Lesions are a prevalent occurrence. They can either be caused by the suns exposure on your skin or by aging process on the skin and others congenital. If we overlook the causes the pigment lesions are spots on the skin that have been formed because of a concentration of melanin in the skin. The spots can come in different forms flat or raised areas. Importantly these lesions can be a simple cosmetic issue but in other cases can e the beginning of skin cancer, both justifiably good reasons for a procedure. Here a laser can quickly and simply remove these sigs from the affected area by pulsing the melanin with a strong laser removing its concentration on the skin.

Acne is a well known skin condition effecting 80% of adolescent boys and girls around the world. It’s characterized by pimples and redness of the skin. Patients pop and squeeze their spots causing scaring. This scaring can be quite considerable leaving pit like indentation in the skin. There are a number of treatments to encourage the skin to grow a new layer giving the skin a new complexion. The introduction of laser in dermatologist’s arsenal of treatment has revolutionized the results on acne scaring improving the reduction of scaring by more than 50%.

Laser hair removal is possibly what made laser treatment famous. There have been many different approaches to remove hair but none can stop hair growing. Laser hair removal solved that problem with a small number of repeat laser exposure to the area the hair will not grow. The effective use of laser for this purpose is particularly successful since it does not affect the surrounding area. The laser penetrates the skin passes through the melanin in the hair shaft. This effectively heats the hair follicle and destroys the cells that cause the air to grow.

Leg and facial veins can be extremely ugly and for many an invitation to go to their dermatologist. They are extremely difficult to treat because they are different thickness and lie at different depths in the skin. Laser solves this ugliness using different strengths of laser to reach the depths in the skin by changing the wavelengths, pulse widths and fluencies. Facial veins can be treated in a similar way to remove the veins close to the surface of the skin.

Varicose veins occur during the aging process when the valves in the veins stopping function properly. Blood starts to collect in the lower veins causing them to twist in a lumpy mass close to the surface of the skin. These veins can be treated with both surgical and non evasive treatments. Laser is a very effective non evasive procedure to remove the ugly veracious veins. The laser is used to heat the vein walls which make it break down and closes shut. As part of the process a thin laser fiber optic probe is entered into the vein to shut it permanently removing the essential cause of the problem.

Nail fungus is a particularly tough form of fungus. Practitioners have tried many different techniques to remove it but there has always been a concern to protect the surrounding area. Now Laser can use its focus power to pass through the skin to the area that really cause the fungus and destroy it.

So whatever you problem consult your dermatologist if it can e treated with Laser.

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