Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal
For both men and women hair removal is a painful arduous process. In todays society women especially, are expected to be hairless and must remove body hair as well as facial hair on a daily basis.

Methods like shaving, tweezing or waxing are often painful, inefficient and simply don’t last long enough. If you’re tired of the constant battle with unwanted body hair then laser hair removal is right for you!

What is laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal is the removal of hair and hair follicles through the use of concentrated laser light beams and light energy. At Washington Heights Dermatology we use a low-energy laser to precisely target the root of the hair follicles, helping to destroy the hair and prevent future hair growth. The use of lasers leaves your skin smooth and doesn’t irritate the surrounding dermal layer as with many other hair removal procedures.

Why Choose laser hair removal over other methods?
Methods like waxing, shaving, tweezing and electrolysis are inefficient and must be repeated quite often to maintain the desired results. Benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • Precision: targets specific hairs in a specific area.
  • Pain free: waxing and electrolysis are quite painful procedures, whereas laser hair removal uses a non-invasive light beam to destroy hair follicles at the root.
  • Permanent: after only a few sessions laser hair removal can permanently eliminate unwanted hairs in an area, whereas electrolysis must be repeated constantly over the course of years to achieve similar results. Waxing, shaving, and tweezing must be repeated constantly for life.
  • Speed: Laser hair removal can eliminate entire regions in seconds, while electrolysis can take up to an hour, for the smallest areas (under your chin), waxing and shaving take much longer as well.

How many treatments do I need?
Generally, most patients can experience permanent hair loss after only 3-7 sessions of laser hair removal, as it attacks hair at the root.

After your procedure, the area will be cleaned and you can continue on with your daily life. There is 0 downtime, and your skin is often left better than it was prior to the treatments!

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