Keeping Your Eye on HPV in Men

Keeping Your Eye on HPV in Men

While all the news on HPV is mostly directed at woman and the considerable threat of cervical cancer men should not be blind to HPV. While it is true that the percentage of the male population is much lower than in women men should be watchful of symptoms and be prepared to deal with the disease.

The male HPV infection can have an impact on men’s health. It can increase the risk of genital cancer which is uncommon but HPV will also increase the likelihood of contracting genital warts which is equal in both men and woman.

More than half of sexually active males in America will get HPV at some point. In most instances the infection will clear up without any complications.

Risks of HPV

There are a large number of types of HPV that are related to genital cancer and cancer of the anus and penis. The good news that these cases are rare in men with strong immune system but on average a thousand men will get cancer of the penis and over double will be treated for anal cancer.

The real risk of cancer specifically anal cancel is with the gay and bisexual community but they don’t lead to genital warts. The risks don’t exist with men in relationships with woman. Men with HIV have a much higher possibility of getting the cancer.

The Symptoms of HPV

The HPV with the high risk to developing into cancer usually do not come with any symptoms in cases with men and woman. Warts are the first stage with low strain HPV but will not then develop into cancer.

Tests for HPV Infection

Diagnosing genital warts and anal HPV usually begins with a doctor or dermatologist examining the area to see if any raised or visible warts are there. In some cases the doctor may use vinegar to get a helping hand to identify early cases of warts that are not yet clear. It is possible to consider healthy skin to have warts so careful examination is important.

There is no organized testing approach to identifying the more sever, high risk HPV that could, untreated, lead to cancer. Doctors have been petitioning for anal pap tests to be used more, particularly in the gay and bisexual communities to help identify the strain in its early stages. The pap test is a process where cells are collected from the suspected area and then checked for any issues.

Treatments for HPV

The treatments provided by the doctor and dermatologist for men with HPV not experiencing any symptoms are not treating the HPV itself but the health problems that develop from the presence of HPV on the skin

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