Keep Facial Veins away with Great Treatment and Advice

Keep Facial Veins away with Great Treatment and Advice

There are treatments that can help remove facial veins from the surface of your skin as well as great advice to keep your complexion looking fresh and clear afterwards.

Sclerotherapy is a therapy to collapse the thin veins by injecting saline solution into the vein area. After the injection the vein becomes irritated and collapses, removing it from view. It’s not painful apart from a little injection prick. You will need one injection per inch so you might need a number of injections to cover any given area. You might see temporary redness and swelling but you can carry on as usually after the treatment. The best time is in the winter when the veins are most visible. In the summer suntans and the general complexion of the skin can make it difficult to carry out the procedure.
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If you don’t like needles or your allergic to the solution they inject, a better treatment is available that can remove the veins as simply as the Sclerotherapy therapy. Laser treatment can effectively use the laser system to fade and remove the veins from under the skin and away from view. Due to the heat there is some pain involved but can be managed with a trained practitioner. There will also be temporary redness and swelling. Most laser treatment is for Caucasian skin because the laser will permanently discolor the area in darker skin tones.

While these key methods can remove the veins it is worthwhile taking responsibility after these procedures and taking care of your body so the veins don’t return or become present in other areas. Keep your skin healthy by regularly moisturizing it and when outside and particular in the sun, wear strong sunscreen to protect your skin from the adverse effects of UV damage.

Your diet can also impact on the health of your skin and veins. A diet high in salt can put pressure on veins and cause them to expand causing them to be more prominent under the skin and aggravate the situation. Also fried foods can have the same effect. So while you may have the medical procedures eating these foods will mean that the veins will return. Alcoholic drinks can have the same result so drink in responsible quantities.

A better diet for your veins is one that is high in fiber. Constipation will produce the same pressure and fiber will provide the help to digest and relieve any pressure that may build up in your veins and create visible veins under your skin. Quinoa, steel-cut oatmeal, oat bran are great sources and can be great as part of your diet.

Exercise will very quickly increase blood circulation. While this will keep you healthy it will also keep your veins healthy and keep them away from the surface of your skin.

If you want to receive treatment for your facial veins or get more advice how best to treat this issue feel free to make an appointment with Dr Kling.

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