How to Treat Your Molluscum Contagiosum

How to Treat Your Molluscum Contagiosum

Finding bumps on your body can be strange for many people. If you’re older you probably thinking what else it could be apart from Acne. As the options dwindle, the doctor will probably be able to tell you if its molluscum contagiosum or not. Molluscum contagiosum is an STD and can go away on ts own after some time. Its very common and is in no way life threatening.

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Doctors Suggestion

The disease can be transferred very easily and apart from sexual contact there are other contributing factors that can accelerate transference of the disease. Swimming pools, gym equipment and even tanning beds where someone else with molluscum contagiosum placed there bare skin on these surfaces can then pass the molluscum contagiosum on to others.

Dermatologist can freeze of these small bumps but can easily cause scaring. Unfortunately it requires repeat treatments and they can return. There seems to be difference of opinion if the spots go away on their own r if they require considerable treatment.

The changes

One persons experience shows clearly the necessary changed that are required to beat this disease.

Sex is out. You really don’t want spread this thing around between yourself and partners and share the terrible bumps and with others. This includes oral sex and any skin contact will pass the disease along.

Shaving and waxing can really do terrible things for your molluscum contagiosum. It breaks down the bumps and lets the white centre of the bump to be spread around. So as you shave you are increasing the possibility of the molluscum contagiosum spreading to areas that had not yet been affected. So accept your going to grow a little beard and limit molluscum contagiosum spreading

Swimming can be really enjoyable but can be terrible for your molluscum contagiosum.A tight, wet bathing suit can be a perfect environment for molluscum contagiosum. While salt water may or may not be helpful for the molluscum contagiosum, generally swimming is something to really stay away from.

Towels can become a tool to help the molluscum contagiosum to spread. Parts of the bumps can get caught in the towel material and as you wash and dry other parts of the body contraction of the molluscum contagiosum can be increased. So it’s important to wash only with your hands and dry your body with bleached towels so to limit the risk of further contraction.

Lotions can give the care the skin needs but is usually to moist to provide any benefit to the skin and actually usually ends up harming the skin by causing the molluscum contagiosum to spread

Tight clothing is something to carefully consider. While at this point you will thing what is this molluscum contagiosum that everything in my life needs to change but it is the nature of this uncomfortable disease. But tight clothes really will affect the molluscum contagiosum.

Pick, pop, scratch? Don’t. Many have found comfort in popping while others have seen the bumps spread after this activity. If you really want to get rid of them ten discuss the options with your dermatologist and don’t try yourself.

Wash everything to make sure none of the pours from the bumps left in the clothes and materials they you might use on your skin hat includes all clothes and bedding. The pours can get under finger nails so you need to clean absolutely everything that ouches your skin.

Know Your Body

Since molluscum contagiosum is a virus living in your body you need to take care of your body keep your body healthy. It means that anti biotic medicine will not help. Only the power within your body can heal the body. That means drinking and smoking needs to be reduced to a minimum or to be removed from your diet completely. Water and a good strong diet based on vegetables and fruit may not be a treatment or solution but it can be a greatly beneficial to the state of molluscum contagiosum.

While many creams and solutions are available over the counter very few are proven to be effective, this includes strange suggestions to put urine on the bumps. One sufferer used acid on the skin to treat the bumps which proved to be actually successful.

While changes to your lifestyle may be necessary you can try out your way of dealing with your molluscum contagiosum together with your dermatologist.

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