Good advice for Acne Beginners

Good advice for Acne Beginners

We are covered in skin. It’s actually an organ. If you’re reading this as a parent or you might be between 10 and 13 years old, stumbled upon this piece and you woke up seeing some white or black dots on your face, there are few things to know. First dealing with Acne is something roughly 80% of young people will likely deal with and need to understand how to deal with this condition on their skin.

There are glands in your body that produce various chemicals. The sebaceous gland is usually a great and unique gland producing the waterproof and healthy qualities of the skin. While young people start to grow their body changes and sebaceous gland that are connected with the hair follicles also develops. The Sebaceous gland starts producing more sebum and the skin becomes very oily. If that was the end of the story the oil would leave your skin and you would be fine. Dead skin cells become sticky and join the mix with dirt and bacteria finishing off the mix and producing white and black spots.

With the medical details out the way, there are a number of things that need to be dealt with at the beginning to limit the effects of this difficult skin condition.

People have scrambled to identify causes of acne beyond the simple medical and scientific stages and causes that we see in acne. Diet, hormonal, sex, genetics and psychological are a number of elements have caused many different cures and remedies to pop up on the market. Some can be helpful and some can just dangerous for your health and the health of your skin.

People will tell you that because your face is oily you should stay away from oily foods. Don’t eat those chips and pizza it will make your skin bad. This is simply untrue and there are no real sources to substantiate these claims. So while you go out and enjoy your burger and chips we have something else to tell you. There is considerable wish to get rid of these small black and white spots. If and when they develop you will only want to pop and squeeze them hoping they will disappear. Since these signs are only external factors to what is going on under your skin you cannot get rid of them by popping, squeezing or playing with your skin. In fact the more your touch and play with them the skin condition will only get worse.

So the best advice at this point as your acne begins is to not to play with your skin and keep it away from anything that will bother the skin further. Educate yourself and feel free to be in touch with a healthcare professional to help with any inquiries.

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