Eczema and Keeping It Under Control

Eczema and Keeping It Under Control

Eczema is a full time job on its own and apart from the help and support of your dermatologist and doctor a daily schedule is essential to keeping it under control. For most people leaving adolescents behind and becoming an adult will signal the end of eczema.

Knowing the things that you need to change and areas that will normally flare up eczema, will help you deal with it and minimize the effects of the skin condition. There are a number of factors from what you wear and how you shower to the creams you might use.

You can help prevent your skin drying up by taking short warm showers and using mild soaps and cleansers. Baths can dry out your skin as well as soaps. Gently patting down your skin to dry yourself will protect your skin from being irritated. As soon as you can, moisturizer cream should be part of your showering process. Apply the moisturizer cream some three minutes after showering will do a lot to protect your skin from loosing that moister that it has received from showing.

You will find that moisturizer cream becomes your best friend and gives you a break from your itchy uncomfortable skin. Apart from great moisturizers and lotions, petroleum jelly can be great also after a bath. Creams with scents and alcohol as well as other ingredients can in fact have the opposite effect. Apart from bathing you will benefit from applying the moisturizing cream a few times a day or whenever it feels tight or itchy.

Your skin becomes easily irritated when dry and simple things can be avoided to decrease irritation. Clothes are a big factor since they go directly on your skin. Wearing loose fitting close can help towards protecting your skin from being irritated. Some materials are notorious for irritating skin like wool, mohair and coarsely woven materials so you’re well advised to stay away from them.

Don’t Itch
Like any skin condition, itching the area is the worst thing you can do. The skin, under its condition is being attacked by various elements causing it to dry and become itchy. Itching the skin adds to the factors attacking it and will only increase the uncomfortable effects of the skin. If you feel you need to itch, dressing the area with a bandage will help you get over the itching. Others who suffer from eczema find the itchiest time is after the shower so they busy themselves with a number of activities to distract them from itching the area.

Your Environment
Being too cold or too hot can really bother your sensitive skin and cause the eczema to flare up. So in the winter regulate the heating while during the summer moderate the humidity in your living space. After exercising take cold showers to reduce perspiration that can then effect the eczema.

Stress and other allergens can contribute to flare ups. Eczema is not caused by allergies but identifying allergic reactions can have a positive effect towards the eczema.

Steroid cream and anti-itching lotion can do a great deal to reduce the effects of eczema and even clear up the condition keeping it under control. Regular, dedicated application of these non prescription creams will provide a possible remedy for eczema

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