Botox and Fillers

Botox and Fillers

Wrinkles are a sign of aging we will all have to deal with in varying degrees. With the development of Botox for medical procedures people had a solution to reduce the effect of muscles and nerves on the skin, removing the wrinkles, providing a solution for people. While you may want your wrinkles to disappear others would like their bump on the nose to be smooth or lips to look fuller. The fillers procedure offers a great non surgical solution to many of these issues.

Botox is actually a toxin but that should not concern you. Its been developed for medical procedures and is FDA approved. Over a period of development dangerous side effects where identified and the procedure was put in question if it could be made a safe. A doctor noticed that small doses in specific areas achieved the safe and sustainable results we are used to receiving today. Botox can be used for various solutions. Temporary wrinkles are the most popular and prevalent use that Botox procedure is used for, but other less common issues can benefit. Since Botox works by weakening, paralyzing or blocking muscles or nerves any medical issue that can benefit from those effects would benefit from Botox. Severed underarm sweating use Botox to block nerves while cervical dystonia, a neurological disorder causes severe muscle contraction is reduced from Botox injections. Blepharospasm, an issue that causes uncontrollable blinking uses Botox to relax the eyes muscles. Botox can also realign misaligned eyes. Botox’s ability to dampen down nerves helps chronic migraines.

Like with any procedure, there may be side effects. Common side effects are pain and some swelling and bruising. Flu symptoms and upset stomach can affect patients after the procedure.

Cosmetic treatments are split into surgical and non surgical procedures. Fillers is basis for all non surgical procedures and the products on the market, used by dermatologists are so effective in a whole range of applications. They have proven to be very effecting in adding volume to deeper layers of the skin while being able to hydrate and revitalize the skin.

Fillers are split into two groups, Permanent non antilogous and autolous or temporary. Restylane, a successful brand of temporary fillers uses hyaluronic acid as the filler and is the leading filler in the world and the most studied filler available. Jevederm also uses hyaluronic acid but developments in this brand have seen improved results.

Like Botox fillers also use controlled small amount to inject the filler into the skin. Whatever the needs you may hace for either Botox or the range of fillers contact your certified dermatologist for a consultation

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